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About Us

The name Flyaway Circus is derived from international business and motorsport vernacular. Before 1950, the grand prix racing fraternity classically referred to themselves as the 'Grand Prix Circus'. These 'Kings' of motorsport traveled the globe staging grands prix for the legions of fans before moving on to the next destination, similar to the traveling circuses that traversed Europe of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Those grands prix that occur off the continent of Europe are known as 'flyaways' due to their varied geographic locations around the globe and the accompanying air travel as part of the journey.

In 2001, a group of managers for an international conglomerate, utilizing global sport as a marketing activation platform recognized the need for specially trained integrated marketing and communications professionals to effectively leverage these initiatives. These professionals would need to be highly versed in sponsorship asset management as well as possess the marketing and commercial experiences indigenous to international markets.

In 2004, an American company is founded with the specialized mission of assisting international corporations activate their varied sponsorships and marketing assets in the realm of global sport and incorporates 'Flyaway Circus' as its moniker.